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About company

Quality Policy

About company

The “SKRAWMET” turning and locksmith’s plant was founded on May 15, 1991 by Grzegorz Karwowski, who has remained the owner ever since. The company is based in the town of Pisz located in north-eastern Poland in the land of the Great Masurian Lakes District.

In the first years of its activity, it was a one-man company dealing mainly with machining. Currently, the plant employs about 60 people and is a significant Polish producer of metal products, including wire and sheet metal products such as racks, shelves, furniture, hooks, etc.

The plant has been modernized throughout the years of its existence. We purchase new machines and devices, and implement innovative technologies. This increases our production capacity but, above all, improves the quality of our products. Our products are appreciated by both domestic and foreign recipients.

Our almost 30 years experience allows us to offer you:
  • a specialised team, open to customer needs
  • advice on product design
  • prototyping and implementation of new products
  • quick execution of orders
  • competitive pricing
  • favourable conditions for cooperation

Quality policy

The main objective of the Company’s quality policy is to maintain our products and services at a level that will meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

We implement the declared Quality Policy through:

  • Creating reliable products and services that are fully satisfying to the client
  • Raising the qualifications of our management and employees
  • Selecting proven suppliers who guarantee the highest quality
  • Planning and documenting any quality actions we undertake
  • Determining our competence and responsibility in terms of quality
  • Ensuring that the entire team of “SKRAWMET” Grzegorz Karwowski understand and participate in the implementation of the Quality Policy

Customer and Employee satisfaction is a prerequisite for the company’s continued success.

As the owner of the company, I am responsible for implementing this Quality Policy and for my part I declare that it is and will be consistently implemented by myself and the company’s employees.

Grzegorz Karwowski