Quality Policy

The main policy objective is to maintain the company quality of our products and services at a level that will satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers.

Declared Quality Policy is implemented through:

  • Creating a reliable product and services in a fully satisfactory customer
  • Raising the qualifications of officers and employees
  • Selecting suppliers to ensure reliable and high quality
  • Planning and documenting actions taken qualitative
  • Define the powers and responsibilities for quality
  • Ensuring understanding and participation of the entire crew "SKRAWMET" Grzegorz Karwowski in the implementation of the Quality Policy

Customer and employee satisfaction is a prerequisite for the sustainable success of the company. As a business owner I am responsible for the implementation of the Quality Policy and its part declares that it is and will continue to be consistently implemented by me and the company's employees.

Grzegorz Karwowski

The 5-S

The program is based on the following philosophy:

"If people can not follow the simple rules or decisions, such as deposition tools in place and regular cleaning tools that you use, you can not expect them to key objectives.".

  1. SELECTION - separate the unnecessary stuff and get rid of them.
  2. SYSTEMATICS - the rest arrange things in a way convenient to use.
  3. SELF-CHECK - check your work, so that no one else had after you improve.
  4. SELF-DISCIPLINE - maintain high levels of discipline and work ethic. Do not wait until you return the chief consideration.
  5. CLEANING - thoroughly clean up job and clean the tools that you used.

It is a program that involves all employees to maintain a clean, orderly and safe workplaces.

Benefits immediately visible:

  • Reducing the number of delays and the number of defects
  • Limiting mistakes and errors
  • Higher quality and better safety
  • Reduction of equipment failure
  • Better control of the production flow

A better image for the company in the eyes of visitors.

Our Products

Hangers, hooks

the tag on the shelves exhibition, exhibition stands and bars

Baskets and partitions

baskets in standing, mounted or on the grill racks

Stands and racks

racks and shelves for display advertising products

Gratings and wire mesh

gratings and wire mesh with max. dimensions 980x2000mm

Other wire products

support for flowers, vegetables, candlesticks, etc.


Powder coating

powder coating in any RAL color

Welding Services

welding services in the field of welding: MIG, MAG and TIG

Bending of wire

Wire bending is performed on CNC controlled machines.